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We help you navigate the exciting challenges of church leadership.

Are You a Young Pastor Looking for Support and Guidance?


Our Loan Fund offers pastors access to financial assistance that can help bring their vision to life.

Financial Support 

Plant a Church

We can assist you in evaluating your readiness, provide you with resources and support, and guide you toward success.

The Green Light


Our coaching program provides personalized support and guidance from experienced, long-time pastors who have been in your shoes.

Level Up Your Leadership


Don't let legal issues become a barrier to your ministry. Join us and have peace of mind knowing your church is protected.

Protect Your Church

Supercharging Your Ministry Adventure

Embark on a journey to become a credentialed minister with our denomination and unlock access to outstanding leadership development. Through our credentialing process, you'll gain the necessary skills, insights, and support to become an exceptional spiritual leader in your community.

Credentials for Exceptional Leaders

Get Started Today

We know getting started can be tough but we can't wait to see what God has in store for you and your Church. So let us take the first step together.

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