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Going Retro With Acts Chapter 2: Part 3

Greetings in the Strong Name of the Lord,

We continue with ‘Going Retro with Acts Chapter 2’ and this week begin, Part 3:


In this section of Scriptural template, we see the demonstration of the Church and the lifestyle of the early believers.

Discovering how they engaged their world and practiced their faith is so insightful and revelatory.

Let’s look at the characteristics of their Church life.
– They were consistent in their commitment to the truth…
– They were consistent in fellowship and relationship…
– They were consistent in their prayer life…
– They were consistent in their generosity and care for one another…
– They were consistent in coming together in worship, in both large and small gatherings…
– They were consistent in demonstrating their faith both privately and publicly…
– They were consistent in their love for God…

What a tremendous display of what we know as Christianity. It is simply the continuation of the lifestyle of Jesus. They were duplicating His way of living, loving and serving. This is a pattern worth reproducing that is validated throughout all of the New Testament. Loving God supremely and loving others, as we love ourselves, are the greatest commands.

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Grace and Peace
Garry Bryant
National Field Director
ACTS2DAY Ministries

Stand with Persecuted Christians on Nov. 6

On Nov. 6, Christians around the world will lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in prayer.

To help encourage your church to engage in prayer for our brothers and sisters in hostile nations, The Voice of the Martyrs ministry has resources and more information to share on the Persecuted Church and our privilege to pray and keep on praying.

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November 13th is GO Emphasis Sunday

Please spread the word in your churches and be in prayer of what God would have you give to the _Global Outreach Offering_!
What a wonderful opportunity we have to take part in!

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

“God gives each of us our own grace, a special measure of blessings that line up exactly with his purposes for our lives.”
― Brian Houston

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