LIVE in Him, LIVE Through Him

Photo E-Blessing Greetings, May your weekend be filled with living in Christ and loving through Christ!!! Let’s continue looking at Ephesians chapter one; V11-14 In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of...

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Our Father Blesses

Photo E-Blessing Father’s Day Weekend Blessings, Ephesians 1:2- Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I have chosen for this week’s E-Blessing to request that you read carefully and prayerfully the following passage. As you read give special attention to all that...

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New Day, Make A Choice

E-Blessing Greetings, We pray your weekend is filled with the goodness and mercy of the Lord. Be encouraged to spread the Good News in word and deed. Please consider and apply the following insight and instructions; It’s a New Day: The Choice Is Yours by Max Lucado, from Let the...

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Protect The Gospel

Photo E-Blessing Greetings in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ, Please receive the following article as this week’s E-Blessing. I hope you enjoy and share. 2 Crucial Ways to Protect the Gospel by Tim Challies and Josh Byers, adapted from their new book Visual Theology: Seeing and Understanding the...

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The Great Task

Photo credit: E-Blessing Greetings in Jesus Name, I recently came across the following statement; If you were a part of God’s plan before you took your first breath, then shouldn’t you be totally committed to fulfilling that plan before you take your last breath… Selah! II Timothy 4:6-8: For...

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Christ Commissions YOU

E-Blessing Blessings, Marantha!! Jesus Is Coming!! Using this opportunity to provoke your memory and to provide for you a reminder… We do have the blessed hope of Jesus’ return. Take time and read II Peter chapter three. In this e-blessing we will take a look at the fourth of five...

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Pentecost Sunday

E-Blessing Weekend Blessings, Be filled with the Spirit… This Sunday, on the Christian calendar is marked as Pentecost Sunday. Celebrating the reality of Acts chapter 2 and the feast of Pentecost which took place 50 days after Christ resurrection. As you know the Feast of Pentecost has its roots in...

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Mother’s Day 2016

E-Blessing Mother’s Day weekend Greetings, We are privileged with this E-blessing to give special attention and honor to all of the mothers who are a part of the family and friends of ACTS2DAY Ministries. Praise God for the special gift of Mothers to the family institution… I take this opportunity...

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National Day Of Prayer 2016

Photo REMINDER Please be reminded that TODAY is National Day of Prayer! Take the time to pray for our precious Nation. We believe that GOD can do miraculous things through Our Prayers! Please click HERE, to help in praying for our Nation today and every day.   Photo

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Post-Resurrection Realities – Part 5

E-Blessing Blessings, Encouraging you in the walk of the Lord! Remain steadfast in truth… Remain focused in purpose… Remain grateful in attitude… We continue our consideration of the 5 distinct presentations of Christ in regards to the Great Commission. 1st week John 20:21: Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you!...

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